Chinese Silver Jewelry Trends Express an Inimitable Style

China, in the past 3 decades has converted into the most developed cities economically and this is identical from the countless progress it has been doing along the way. One such is the silver jewelry market that deals with manufacturing and also trading. This is also with diamonds and gold. In fact, 24 carat pure gold is in high demand as Chinese favor pure gold.

The beauty is in the fact that Chinese silver jewelry trend gives more respect to the designs and present a strong emphasis of their culture. The designs, color, size and shape are taken as a combination reflecting their culture, while the designs reflect the concepts of contemporary and traditional, taking in techniques of mechanical design and it also dazzles a storyline connecting each piece.

The silver jewelry trend is high as it is cheaper than other precious metals and gems. The jewelry offers a periodic transformation and often it relates to the latest designs and fashion trends. There are common interests shared such that it reflects heritage in each piece and appear identical. The jewelry such as earrings have designs that are snake inspired. In fact, peacock also has a very special place in Chinese silver jewelry. The bangles and earring are inspired and buyers can choose topaz, sapphire or diamond to set in the feathers of the peacock. The jewelry that comes as a set is so beautiful with diamonds that it can also be worn separately.

Silver jewelry or any other jewelry for that matter in china has themes to inspire people or is an inspiration from some movie, architecture or ancient fairy tale. The jewelry sets are based on Chinese fairy tales revealing the characters of honesty, mercy, boldness and greed. Jade is also highly preferred in silver jewelry in china as it symbolizes elegance.

The talents and interests of jewelry designers are such that there is an extensive range of collection. You can get designs from mid-range to high-end and also for regular use from the commercial markets to suit all the market levels. The butterfly pendant is popular as ever amongst the young adults and teenagers alike. Women adorn their hair with butterfly hairpin and this also is the symbol of love loyalty. The craftsmanship is so apt that the butterfly dangling is easy to detach and to be worn as pendant.

Generally, most Chinese silver jewelry designs refer to nature or traditional Chinese paintings. There are lots of patterns and colors, reminding buyers of a painting, a scene or some poem. Fish is also an integral part of Chinese jewelry design trend. The Chinese jewelry designers give utmost importance to the carving that these precious metals and their craftsmanship express an inimitable style.

Chinese silver jewelry in the recent decades is showing rapid growth in the jewelry market. They also have gained international prominence. The craftsmanship is time-honored and even the luxury market find the Chinese jewelry trend to be unique and even independent designers are coming with high-end design services beholding their valued traditions.

Source by Karen K Williams