Comparison Between Chinese Akoya Pearls and Japanese Akoya Pearls

Pearls have been used for making jewelry for centuries. Pearls fall into different types. Akoya pearls are famous for its stunning luster. Nowadays, China and Japan are major production places of this type of pearls. Many people often make comparison between these two countries' pearls.

As a matter of fact, Akoya is a kind of oyster in salt water. Akoya pearls are cultured with the help of this creature. Akoya is a small living thing in three to ten millimeters. This is the reason why the pearls are typically in four to nine millimeters. Although the size is very small, pearls enjoy fine grain and shinning luster.

Pearls farming were developed in Japan decades ago. With the development of China, many countries build companies in China, so do Japanese pearl jewelers. About forty years ago, Chinese farmers bought the techniques of culturing the pearls. The initial result was not promising. They were quite inferior in quality compared to Japanese ones. Later, Chinese farmers have made great efforts to find the advanced culturing methods. In early 90s, pearls enjoyed good quality. Due to the improvement of the culturing technique and huge demand from the market, Chinese farmers have expanded the production in recent years. In fact, eighty percent of pearls in the market are cultured in China.

There is no doubt that the fast growth of Chinese pearls in China is a great threat. Japanese farmers find the way to balance the situation and take the upper hand. They make great efforts to improve the quality instead of quantity. Generally speaking, Chinese Akoya pearls are in size four to eight millimeters. There is little possibility to produce the pearls in larger than eight millimeters. However, Japanese farmers are capable of culturing pearls larger than 8 millimeters. Akoya pearls larger than 8 millimeters are rated as the invaluable. This is may be the reason why people treat this kind of pearls only produced in Japan and the price of Japanese pearls are much higher than that of Chinese ones.

According to the above description, we can easily know that eighty percent of Akoya pearls are produced in China. They enjoy good quality and are in size of 4 to 8 millimeters. But the extremely valuable Akoya pearls usually found in Japan such as a pearl in 8.5 millimeters which is the symbol of status and luxury. At the same time, Chinese ones are much cheaper than Japanese ones.

Source by Jessica Luo