Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

Plastic Surgery in Houston would like to talk a bit about medical tourism. Medical Tourism is really starting to
heat up in Houston these days. Medical tourism is when a person goes to a different country to get a cosmetic surgery performed.

With the economy still down in the dumps, a lot of people do not have the expendable income available to make such luxury purchases as plastic surgery. Having said that, let's take a look at which countries are the most popular when it comes to plastic surgery abroad.

The Most Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

Israel is a popular destination for medical tourists. It is seen as friendly to Americans. The surgeries there can cost 25% of what the same surgery may cost in the United States. In 2006 alone, there were 15,000 foreigners that went to Israel for the purpose of a medical surgery. A good deal of those involved plastic surgery.

Jordan was ranked number one in the region and number five in the entire world for medical tourism in 2007. More than 1800 United States citizens traveled to Jordan that year for surgeries. The cost, like Israel, can be one quarter of what it would cost in the United States.

Brazil requires Visas for US citizens to have their surgery done in their country. Brazil was one of the first foreign countries to be accredited to provide cosmetic surgery. It is a popular destination for plastic surgery, because of the skilled doctors as well as the scenery. There are nearly 200 doctors that are accredited in Brazil.

Mexican plastic surgeons average chargin 1 / 3rd of their American counterparts. The close portfolio is a large pull for those living in the southern part of the United States. There are well over 100 plastic surgeons in the country that have been accredited. Mexico is particularly well known for their bariatric surgeries, for weight loss purposes.

China is quickly becoming a popular destination for those wishing to leave the country for plastic surgery. There are only seven surgeons now that are accredited, but that number is sure to grow.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong's public hospitals are known to be reliable and trustworthy. They have been accredited by various different orgnizations. Hong Kong has always been a popular place to go for one's plastic surgery.

India is the new country on the block in the medical tourism game. Houston has a larger Indian community, so it only makes sense that India has made a move to secure more of the medical tourism market in the Houston area. The growth in this market is astounding for India, mainly caused by the fact that they charge 1 / 10th on average of what American doctors charge for similar plastic surgeries. The growth is expected to continue. Do not be surprised if India owns a large chunk of the market in five to ten years.

South Korea
CNN has claimed South Korea to be a hot destination for medical tourism. Facial surgeries are the most popular among tourist tourists that are going to Korea. Now that government has provided the hospitals there an avenue to promote and recruit potential patients, the industry will really boom here.

English is spoken wide here, so that helps with the medical tourism trade. The hospitals are all well maintained. The costs are cheap and now the government has started to actively look for medical tourists. Malaysia is a hot spot for medical tourists.

New Zeland
New Zealand is safe. They speak English. The surgeries cost 1 / 5th of what they do in America. It's esy to see why they are making a move to get some of the market.

The Philippines have a respected surgical community. Many of their nurses and doctors do work in the United States. The surgery is cheaper in the Philippines though, which is why this is becoming an attractive destination for medical tourists.

Thailand operations can cost as little as 10% of what one would pay in America. The industry is a large focus of what they do in the medical field in that country. They were one of the first to really target this market, and they do a great job at serving those looking to go abroad to save money on plastic surgeries. Political porblems of late have caused the tourism market to slow a bit. The United States has Thailand on the travel alert list.

Turkey has made a huge push the last few years trying to show themselves as having a legitimate hospital structure. They have in turn made large strides in the medical tourism industry. They are a country that Americans are starting to look at more and more when they decide to go out of the country.

Source by Patrick Allen