Wall Chandeliers

Wall chandeliers from Asian manufacturers represented in the market most broadly: Tinko (Taiwan), Borsan (Turkey), FERON (China). Their products are quite diverse, different in affordable prices.

Average price group is represented by products of American and Chinese manufacturers, as well as European companies focusing on the mass consumer.

Fixtures of elite category are chandeliers of Italian luxury brands: Vistosi-Vistosi Giogalli, Baga, Emme pi light, Gallery (Gallery Royal). We should also mention the German mark Faustig, Chinese LINVEL-LV 8056/12 D690 * H290, and Czech Preciosa.

Certainly, this scale of price categories is approximate. In fact, there are several subcategories of fixtures in which the border price segments may vary from the above.

The presence of electronics in the chandelier affects it price (the presence of remote control makes the lighting more expensive), as well as the thickness and quality of wires, and the complexity of the design. Electronics can increase the cost of lighting in 2-2.5 times.

In addition, the price depends on the quality of fittings, glass and shade. Crystal, rhinestones, and similar ornaments from natural materials that require cutting and extra work with them increase the cost of lighting significantly.

Coverage of details and base also affects price. Electroplated coating is more expensive. It holds on base longer and do not fade, unlike the colored chandelier. Natural gold coverage makes the foundation practically eternal. It means that the price for that kind chandelier would be appropriate.

Be sure to check shade for the presence of chips, cracks and scratches. Remember that the damage related to mechanical visually identified shortcomings, the claim for such defects will not be accepted after purchase. Check the thickness of the wire. Very thin wire indicates that the manufacturer saves on production. Also inspect the coating. It should be uniform, smooth and with no stains. Typically, stores sell quality fixtures, since they are interested in promoting their own brand and directly affect the improvement of product quality.

Source by Samanta Rubec