Five Best Collectible Pieces of Johnson Brothers Sheraton Edition

Johnson Brothers never fail to impress us. It has the look of porcelain yet it has the durability of ironstone-that feature is what makes John Brothers salable not just for those porcelain and earthenware collectors but for those who uses this brand for everyday usage. To expand your Sheraton collections, here are the five best collectible items from this design.

Cups and Saucers

These might sound like regular breakfast cups and saucers but with Sheraton, this makes an ordinary breakfast classy. There are two styles of cups and saucers from this collection. For a more distinct and unique collection, look for those cups which has the Sheraton pattern both in the inside and outside of the cup.

Square Salad Plates

What makes this collection really nice is the rarity of the design. This salad plate is in square shape. If you are looking for a more classic collection, look for those Sheraton Salad plates that are manufactured during the late ages. How will you know? Look at the back of the platter and see if the stamp says made in England by "Johnson Brothers" than the recent collections which only says "John Brothers".

Lugged Cereal / Soup Bowls

The common bowls that you see in the market are those round shaped bowls without handles. Look for the lugged Johnson Brothers Sheraton Bowls for a more unique collection. They make handling hot soups more convenient than the ordinary soup bowl. You can use them as serving bowls as well.

Square Soup Bowl

Aside from the lugged bowls, Sheraton also offers another variety of bowls which is shaped as square. Do not worry about matching this bowl with plates because this Johnson Brothers collection also offers plates in squares.

Round Cover Vegetable Bowl

This looks like the lugged bowls except that it has a trimmed edge for the cover; this is perfect for serving vegetables and other viands. Serve your vegetables in a different manner with this decorative bowls with cover.

These are the five best and rare collectible pieces from Johnson Brothers Sheraton collection. They are not just finely made earthenware but they are very nice and decorative to look at. Have fun!

Source by Janette Loyola