Athleisure Can’t Stop Winning in China

China is getting into shape and the athleisure trend is booming. According to the wellness trends report (2019) published by the Global Wellness Summit (GWS), “over 104 million have at least one fitness app on their phones” and 15 million consumers have a gym membership in China. Meanwhile, China was home to approximately 500 gyms […]

Superyacht Management Services Centre Planned for Hong Kong

Hong Kong Cruise and Yacht Industry Association (HKCYIA) has reached a partnership agreement with China Merchants Industry Holdings (CMI) for the establishment of a superyacht management services centre in Tsing Yi Island. HKCYIA’s Kara Yeung (third left) and Euroasia Dockyard management at the signing ceremony witnessed by lawyers of Stephenson Harwood Located at the Yiu Lian and Euroasia dockyards, […]

How Young Chinese are Re-connecting with Their Elders

China’s post-90’s Millennials and Gen-Zers came of age in a quickly-developing and economically-open country with access to the latest global trends and information via the Internet and global travel. But their grandparents were raised quite differently (under the conformity of Mao’s communism) while their parents experienced China’s massive changes during their middle-age years. These young […]