Louis Vuitton Educates Fans Via a New WeChat Mini Program

Luxury brands continue to explore WeChat’s many functions, from e-commerce to loyalty programs to chatbot possibilities, with the expressed goal to engage with over one billion WeChat users. While many brands create one-off Mini Programs for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or local exhibitions and events, the luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton has built up strategic […]

Why Chinese Consumers Love Luxury Products

Although China’s appetite for luxury brands is well documented, misconceptions and stereotypes involving the Chinese consumer are still being widely disseminated. Every so often, young Chinese shoppers are presented as “label-obsessed” buyers who are addicted to luxury shopping, but the reality is far more complex. While Western-style consumerism interprets luxury consumption as a “way of […]

SilverYachts Building Espen Øino-designed SpaceCats in China

SilverYachts, the Australia-based builder of high-performance, fuel-efficient aluminium monohull superyachts, is building 35.5m SpaceCats at its new Pearl River yard. SpaceCats are built in SilverYachts’ facility in China under supervision of the builder’s Australian management team Hong Kong-based Executive Director Jona Kan said SpaceCat was a strategic partnership between SilverYachts and Espen Øino International. The […]

Can Virtual Influencers Make Luxury Brands’ Dreams Come True?

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and online influencers have established themselves as premier players in the luxury sector and now command significant fees and build celebrity-level profiles from collaborating with big-name brands. But now they’re facing increasing competition from a whole new cast of characters: virtual influencers. Born out of the enduring consumer enthusiasm for ACG […]