How to Earn Brand Loyalty From China’s Millennials

China has proven a difficult market for brands seeking customer loyalty, particularly amongst China’s millennials. According to the Mckinsey China Luxury Report 2019, 30 percent of post-80s-born luxury shoppers regularly buy products outside from their preferred brands, while that rate jumps to 52 percent with post-90s-born shoppers. “[Chinese consumers] tend to be less loyal compared […]

Young Chinese Want ‘Green’ Beauty (But Who Will Give it to them?)

The future of beauty in China is green. However, a recent report by AlixPartners demonstrates that cosmetics brands chasing the Chinese market with natural, clean, and ethically sourced products must navigate a complex web of consumer aspirations, purchasing behaviors, and product definitions to find success. The report, titled Naturally Beautiful: Millennials and Preferences in Beauty […]