The Ultimate Luxury in China? A Second passport

In a previous article, I mentioned that affluent Chinese consumers have matured and “are distinguishing themselves from the masses by embracing a more inconspicuous consumption.” Instead of acquiring products that signal status, the “aspirational class” is securing services that provide higher cultural capital, safety, comfort, and the best quality of life. In a nutshell, the […]

Ampoule Cosmeceuticals China Beauty Opportunity

Ampoules, the supercharged skincare serums meant to quickly revitalize your skin, began taking off in China around 2016. Since then, these highly-concentrated ‘miracle’ products that come in medicinal-looking and easy-to-carry capsules, have only grown in popularity. Chinese consumers’ new obsession with ‘cosmeceuticals’ — cosmetic products that have medicinal properties — is evident on the shopping […]