Can Cha Ling, a Local Beauty Brand Backed by LVMH, Succeed in China and Beyond?

Beauty fanatics in the West probably haven’t heard of Cha Ling ‘Esprit du Thé, the secretive but highly-praised Chinese brand backed by French luxury conglomerate LVMH, but Chinese beauty connoisseurs have come to love the brand that’s “infusing beauty with the spirit of tea.” According to an LVMH press release, the Cha Ling beauty line […]

The New Perfume Market for Chinese Millennial Men — A User’s Guide

Millennial men’s obsession with beauty in China is no longer a secret. Influenced by the extremely popular K-pop aesthetic and its increasingly androgynous fashions, this generation cares about their appearance in a way older Chinese would’ve surely defined as “sissy” or “unmanly.” These days, blemish balm cream and facial masks have become commonplace in the […]

Newrank China Social Media Content Report 2019

This post originally appeared on Walkthechat Blog, our content partner site. Newrank, one of the largest social data analytics company in China, recently released a report regarding online content. Let’s dig into some of its central insights. Spending on WeChat Official Account Key Opinion LeadersOne of the main trends pointed out by the Newrank report […]