Generational Christmas Shopping in China

Although Christmas isn’t an official holiday in China, the soft power influence of this Western holiday hasn’t spared China from its consumerism and Christmas cheers, especially with the large expat communities in Hong Kong, Macao, and tier-1 cities in mainland China. Considering that in more recent times the image of Santa Claus — whom the […]

Luxury Brands Chinese Consumers in USA

While many brands focus their efforts on reaching mainland Chinese consumers, the five million-plus Chinese residents based in the U.S. make for a massive — and overlooked — market opportunity. Despite growing up in China, Chinese consumers tend to develop new consumption and social media habits after they move to the U.S., so brands cannot […]

Luxury Brands China Middle Class LVMH

“The stagnation of middle-class incomes in the rich countries,” according to the Harvard Business Review, has forced luxury brands to broaden their horizons and look for emerging markets in Asia. The largest of those markets is China’s, which currently stands as the world’s second-largest economy by nominal GDP. China’s emerging middle-class is becoming a fundamental […]

Luxury Brands China Intellectual Property

November 1, 2019, was a milestone for the Chinese fashion world. Not only was the China Fashion Industry Intellectual Property Conference held in Beijing, but the fourth edition amendment of the Trademark Law was going into effect. Rule makers, business insiders, e-commerce players, and legal practitioners gathered together for the first time in the Chinese […]