Top 5 Luxury Brand Campaigns in 2019

This year, more young consumers appeared on luxury brands’ radars. As global and domestic players strived for a foothold in a crowded marketplace, many put more effort into innovative, localized campaigns to effectively engage with these Chinese consumers. Having learned lessons from previous campaign missteps, foreign brands became more meticulous while also staying creative. Meanwhile, […]

Top 0.5% of International Shoppers Account for 17% of Global Tax Free Spending, Says Study

Global Blue has reported that ‘international elite shoppers’ – or the top 0.5% of tax-free spenders – account for 17% of global tax-free retail income. The tax-free shopping specialist said that international elite shoppers travel on average about three times a year, over approximately 15 days, and spend an average of €55,000 (US$61,000) across 12 […]