Why C-Beauty Has Become More Popular After COVID-19

COVID-19 is currently turning the beauty industry upside down. Lockdowns and restrictions have disrupted global supply chains, eye makeup sales are outpacing lipsticks, and consumers now prefer the touch-free experience of buying beauty products online. And now, beauty brands face yet another challenge in mainland China’s market: patriotic spending. In January, Jing Daily reported on […]

Animal Crossing: Can Luxury Leverage the Hype?

On March 20, Nintendo released its widely anticipated Switch console game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons — and social media sites around the world have been awash with tips and updates on the gameplay experience ever since. On Instagram, the hashtag ‘animalcrossing’ has attracted over 2 million related posts, including gameplay hacks, memes, and even cosplay. […]

How Transparent Should Brands Be During Lockdown?

The American designer Rick Owens has taken to showing off his well-toned body online during the lockdown, undergoing rigorous and impressive work-outs. Luxury titan Dior is taking fans into their factory via video updates. London-designer and menswear creative director at Fiorucci, Daniel W. Fletcher — and Netflix’s Next in Fashion contestant — went one step […]