COVID-19 Helps Alibaba Beat Q1 Expectations

E-commerce giant Alibaba reported better-than-expected revenue during the first quarter (ending June 30), thanks to online economic growth fueled by COVID-19-related quarantines and businesses scrambling to adopt the group’s cloud computing services. Group-wide revenue amounted to $21.8 million (154 million yuan) for Q1, which was a 34-percent increase year-on-year. Meanwhile, revenues from its China commerce […]

China’s Version Of ‘Recession Fashion’ Could Change Global Styles

Fashion during recessions tends to sober up and go quiet. With unemployment on the rise and social inequality worsening, even the rich and carefree theoretically want to hide their wealth. At least, that’s what happened after the 2008 economic crisis. In 2009, catwalk styles in the world’s fashion capitals made a drastic shift away from shiny, […]

Alimama Predicts Gen Zers and Lower-Tier Cities Will Rule Fashion

What Happened: On August 18, Alimama — Alibaba’s marketing, technology, and big data platform — released an insight report profiling Chinese fashion trends and consumer behaviors. The report found that China’s Gen-Z made up 30 percent of Alibaba’s total consumption, increasing by over 400 percent year-on-year. The study is further proof that this age bracket […]

Suning Makes Moves Into Luxury Commerce and Douyin Content |

This post originally appeared on Content Commerce Insider, our sister publication on branded entertainment. Following in the footsteps of rival, mega-retailer Suning is making a bigger push into content and high-end commerce with recent bold moves. Suning is best known as a mass-market bricks-and-mortar retailer focusing on home appliances and consumer electronics (akin to Best Buy […]