Introducing the inaugural Jing Daily x Content Commerce Insider white paper

E-commerce livestreaming has taken off over the past year, and China’s recent coronavirus experience has cemented its importance as a critical tool for brands to stay connected to consumers.

But in an increasingly crowded marketplace, how can high-end and luxury brands distinguish themselves from the scores of others? With engaging content that gives audiences more to look forward to than a host describing items in details and urging sales through discounts. 

Download Jing Daily and Content Commerce Insider (CCI)’s white paper Next-Level Livestreaming: How Luxury Brands Can Stand Out to Drive E-Commerce Sales to discover the evolution of e-commerce livestreaming in the Chinese market.

In the report, we break down the major Chinese platforms and their prospects for growth, and present luxury brand case studies and best practices. 

For access to the full report, “Next-Level Livestreaming: How Luxury Brands Can Profit From China’s Top E-Commerce Trend,” please click here.

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