What China’s Gen Z Really Thinks of the Fake Luxury Market

Not only are Chinese Gen Zers among the world’s best-informed consumers on intellectual property rights (IPR), their attitude towards buying fake goods are also more likely to be driven by morality rather than financial considerations. These are two findings from a new report by the International Trademark Association (INTA), which researched consumer attitudes among Gen-Z […]

Can China’s Waste Sorting Law Lead to Sustainable Luxury?

Despite global millennial calls for greener products, sustainable luxury has been a difficult topic in China. Most Chinese consumers hold a pragmatic attitude towards luxury and see luxury products as the badge rewards of a Capitalist ideology. And even when green marketing does infiltrate the Chinese luxury landscape, the word “sustainability” usually carries more bark […]

Video is the Next Frontier for China E-Commerce

Video-driven e-commerce has been around since 2016 when e-commerce platforms Mogujie and Taobao began hosting livestreaming sessions on their platforms. But only recently has this trend taken off, with Taobao generating a whopping US$15.1 billion (100 billion RMB) in livestreaming transactions in 2018. Now, video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou are selling Taobao products, […]

A Look Ahead: Luxury Marketing Trends for 2020

China has become an important global growth engine for many luxury brands but an over-dependence on this market could have catastrophic effects if the predicted consumption slowdown and modest economic growth forecasts for 2020 take hold. Given this, heritage brands should prepare for fluctuations. Investors and market watchers have already identified some troublesome warning signs, […]