Can Hainan Island’s Duty-free Policy Spark China’s Travel Retail Market?

What happened: Chinese authorities released a comprehensive development scheme for the Hainan free trade port on June 1. The measures formulated include raising annual offshore duty-free quotas for shoppers visiting Hainan island from $4,215 (30,000RMB) to $14,050 (100,000RMB) and expanding categories for duty-free goods. Meanwhile, preferential policies for air transportation will be implemented to increase […]

Can Singapore Replace Hong Kong As Asia’s Top Luxury Destination?

Following Beijing’s newly proposed national security law, the Guardian dramatically announced that this would be “the end of Hong Kong.” It might seem like an overreaction, but reality shows that Hong Kong has been sinking into chaos since March of 2019. Anti-government protests and COVID-19 have kept wealthy mainland Chinese tourists and investors away from […] Heats Up the Battle for 618 Dominance

What happened:  E-tailer kicked off China’s 618 festival today by announcing that sales have already soared across a number of categories. During the four phases of the mid-year shopping event, an estimated 200 million new products will go on sale. This year’s 618 coincides with the 17th anniversary of and will see the […]

Key Takeaways from the Webinar ‘Decoding Daigou: China’s New Social Commerce’

On May 28, Jing Daily’s editor-in-chief, Enrique Menendez, hosted Renee Hartmann, co-founder of China Luxury Advisors; Bo Wang, the chief executive officer of YouWorld; and Yue Jin, a “Personal Product Hunter (PPH)” for a webinar on the rise of social selling in China and its impact on cross-border e-commerce in a post-COVID-19 world. The webinar […]

Can Voice Shopping Become China’s Favorite Retail Hack?

According to Alibaba Group’s news hub, Alizila, “Chinese consumers are increasingly turning to smart speakers to shop online, instead of their phones.” During Alibaba’s last 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, more than 1 million orders were placed and paid for via Tmall Genie’s voice-shopping feature, and data from Canalys shows that Alibaba sold 3.9 million smart speakers […]