Wall Chandeliers

Wall chandeliers from Asian manufacturers represented in the market most broadly: Tinko (Taiwan), Borsan (Turkey), FERON (China). Their products are quite diverse, different in affordable prices. Average price group is represented by products of American and Chinese manufacturers, as well as European companies focusing on the mass consumer. Fixtures of elite category are chandeliers of […]

The Best Facts of the Freshwater Pearls Industry

Freshwater pearls are nurtured in the non-saline environment and developed in freshwater mussels or oysters. The cultivation is initially originated in China, however, the systems are used and bespoke according to the company's compliance. The Chinese government recognized system exclusively beaded, souffle, Ming, Edison and metallic pearls. On a global scale, these are categorized into […]

The Magic of a River Cruise

For many centuries, rivers were the world's main "highways". Most famous cities grow up along the banks of rivers, using the river as the main form of transportation and trade. As the major cities or quaint villages flourished, many beautiful cathedrals, monuments, city centers, and other charming attractions lined the river banks. These cities are […]

Richemont Teams With Alibaba on Brand Protection

Conglomerate Richemont is joining e-commerce giant Alibaba’s Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, becoming the latest luxury company to link up with the Chinese firm on intellectual property efforts. The AACA works to prevent IP theft both online and offline in China, where counterfeiting is a major concern. Through this move, Richemont is strengthening its relationship with Alibaba, following […]