At London Fashion Week, Social Media Plays A Larger Role Than Ever

The Jing Daily Fashion Week Score, which, through a range of parameters, evaluates how a brand’s collection resonates with the Chinese audience, moves to London Fashion Week.  The shadow of the ongoing Covid-19 virus could be felt throughout LFW, as the global fashion industry continues to grapple with its wide ranging effects, from travel restrictions […]

Booming Private Jet Travel During the Covid-19 Crisis Reveals Hidden Luxury Aspects

Some disruption is predictable, like the ever-changing technology disruption that’s reshuffling industry leaders in the luxury car, luxury watch, and luxury communication device industries. But others are unpredictable, like the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in China, which has affected millions of people with a magnitude that’s impossible to predict. All these disruptions can have […]

Consumer Sentiment Will Define a Post-Coronavirus China

The Coronavirus outbreak is doing much more than simply slowing down commerce. To everyone in China, it’s become a disorienting, time-stopping social disaster. The consequences it brought to China’s luxury outlook aren’t just economic; they’re also psychological. Most of the journalism surrounding the virus has looked at its business impact, but few have attempted to […]