The Store that Cracked the Code to Attracting Independent Chinese Travelers

Founded in Madrid in 1987, the designer concept store Ekseption has long cemented its place as the go-to destination for celebrities, creatives, and fashion devotees in the Spanish capital. Having essentially formed the mold for luxury multi-brand retail in Madrid over the past three decades, the calm, gallery-like Ekseption is a world apart from the […]

Gen Zers vs. Millennials: How and Why Brands Must Know the Difference

Marketers too often bundle millennials and Gen Zers into one indistinguishable group, but, without market segmentation, retailers won’t be able to determine the precise needs and characteristics of these different consumer groups. Indeed, both segments are comprised of young, digitally savvy individuals. But while the members of one group are in their thirties (millennials), the […]

Can Tmall’s NYFW Show Present China as Creators Instead of Consumers?

For the third time, online Chinese retail giant Tmall provided a platform for Chinese designers at New York Fashion Week with this year’s Spring 2020 show. Themed “Tmall China Cool,” Tmall’s presentation featured five brands that represent the full spectrum of the Chinese market, from the budding Parsons graduate i-am-chen to the decades-old intimates label […]

China Continues to Force the Hand of Western Brands over Hong Kong

Recently, Jing Daily looked at how China was pressuring foreign brands to apologize for perceived slights against its territorial integrity and/or for support for Hong Kong protestors — a trend that has already affected the likes of Givenchy, Coach, and Calvin Klein. As we pointed out, Beijing indicated via the Global Times that netizens would not just […]

Adapting for China? Global Brands Don’t Seek to be Understood, but to Understand

This post originally appeared on China Business Review, our content partner site. Modernization does not equal Westernization. This is the fundamental lesson that global brands are slowly (and sometimes painfully) learning as they attempt to build popularity in China today. Global brands often conflate the two concepts, and the missing link is a deep cultural […]

Sneakers Are Booming in China — Here’s Why It Matters for Luxury Brands

In July 2019, the American marketplace for limited edition sneakers, GOAT, made clear its intention to capitalize on China’s 400 million millennials. The website, one of the biggest platforms for the C2C resale of high-end footwear, announced the launch of a China-specific app, a WeChat Mini Program, a Hong Kong distribution facility, and a Shanghai […]