3 Top Luxury Apps for the Chinese HNWIs

The convenience of cutting-edge technology can no longer be ignored. In modern society, very few now live without high-tech gadgets and tools, while the rest have given in to unprecedented digitalization. In an age of accelerated digital noise, high-end consumers crave smoother processes, comfort, and silence. That’s where luxury apps come in. They provide information […]

Tod’s Racked up 4.7 Million RMB Through Working with This Chinese Influencer

It’s no secret that working with fashion influencers in China — when done correctly — can be a profitable venture. For example, Tod’s, the prestigious retailer of Italian-made leather shoes, handbags, and accessories, is currently reaping the benefits of one such a collaboration. On June 26, the brand unveiled its 2019 Summer limited edition “Unicorn […]

Will Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Take Off in China?

Amassed largely by the popularity of its superstar creator, Rihanna, Fenty beauty achieved a whopping $100 million in sales just 40 days after launching. An instant overnight sensation, to be sure. But would this success translate to China, the second-largest beauty market in the world? What’s concerning is that Fenty’s two winning weapons — star […]

Demographic Trends Shaping Luxury in China

In the age of digital transformation when brands rely on analytics to predict consumer behavior, it’s easy to underplay the importance of demographics. Indeed, demographics have conventionalized stereotypes (men love soccer and beer; women obsess over luxury garments) and consumers are more sophisticated than simply an age or income bracket, but that doesn’t imply that marketers […]

How WeChat Links Social Commerce and New Retail for Sephora

With an uncertain political climate and the rise of domestic brands, foreign beauty companies have never had a more challenging time to conquer China’s beauty market. They’re facing a unique consumer whose appetite for new products and the latest technology is ever-increasing. To keep relevant, constant adaptation is needed. And Sephora, the 50-year-old global beauty […]

Your Brand DNA is Key to Success in China

When the French retail group Carrefour recently announced it was selling an 80 percent stake in its Chinese operations, a lot of Western companies watched closely. Carrefour, which once dominated retail across China, no longer felt it could compete against more nimble local competitors after experiencing a significant decline in revenue. Most Western companies struggle […]