Coach Hopes Third Time is a Charm on Tmall

Following high-profile openings (and closings) in 2011 and 2015, Coach hopes the third time is a charm on Alibaba’s Tmall marketplace. Long-time Jing Daily readers will remember Coach’s initial foray on Tmall, which was launched to great fanfare and closed with a whimper less than eight weeks later after disagreements about a “counterfeit crackdown arrangement,” as […]

The Danger for Luxury Brands That Fail at Storytelling

Luxury brands should count their blessings. Compared to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment, which has been suffering negative, flat, or low single-digit growth rates, the luxury market has been outperforming non-luxury sectors for nearly two decades now, growing at a high single-digit growth rate globally — with China’s growth rate projected to be around an […]

Retailers Fret As Chinese Students Cool on U.S. Schools

The ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute is claiming more victims in the form of U.S. universities and retailers who have, in recent years, come to depend on big-spending Chinese international tourists and students. As of the 2017-2018 academic year, U.S. universities had more than 360,000 Chinese international students, a demographic that contributed an estimated $13.9 billion […]

Animal Testing for Imported Cosmetics

This post originally appeared on Azoya, our content partner site. China is expected to have the world’s largest retail market by year-end, but many major beauty brands have refused to sell in the market due to the country’s outdated animal testing requirements. Now things are changing and the government is easing some of its requirements. […]

Amazon vs. Alibaba: Everything You Need to Know About the Two Biggest E-tailers

The e-commerce market is growing globally, but in China, the expansion is even more remarkable. Motivated by low prices and convenience, Chinese buyers have fully embraced online shopping in a country where Alibaba, Amazon, JD, and Zalando are the big players. Yet the focus is often on the world’s two largest e-tailers, Alibaba and Amazon. […]

The Best and Worst of NYFW SS20

The Jing Daily team is pleased to introduce the Jing Daily Fashion Week Score, which evaluates a range of parameters to assess how a brand’s collection resonates with the Chinese audience. For NYFW Spring 2020, Jing Daily looks at a range of brands who have a stake in the Chinese market: from powerhouse Ralph Lauren […]