Exclusive: Calvin Klein Embraces Diversity with First-Ever Women’s Day Campaign for Asia

Gender diversity. Beauty diversity. Size diversity. The movement to embrace diversity in all its forms is all the rage in the Western fashion world, but it has yet to find fertile ground in Asian culture. That trend may be changing, however. For this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8th, American luxury fashion brand, Calvin […]

Moncler’s “Genius” Project Paid off in 2018. What’s Next?

The Italian luxury brand, Moncler, took a gamble on a disruptive retail experiment, conveniently dubbed the “Moncler Genius Project.” It consisted of a series of capsule collections by a group of revolving designers. And the result? The company said on Thursday that its full-year revenue growth increased by an impressive 22 percent year-on-year, at constant […]

JD Expands its Luxury Reach as General Business is Getting Softer

JD, China’s second-largest e-commerce platform, is hoping for a growth spurt. It extended its partnership with Farfetch, merging its luxury portal, TopLife, into the high-end etailer’s China business on February 28. The strategic move, one of many JD has been making in an attempt to alleviate the company’s continued growth slowdown in recent quarters, is a […]

How Vipshop’s WeChat E-Commerce Mini-Program Added Users but Not Revenue

Vipshop, the Chinese e-commerce site, has managed to increase its user growth at a time when the vast majority of e-commerce sites are struggling to reach new users. One reason: it’s WeChat mini-program. According to their latest earnings release, Vipshop’s users on its WeChat mini-program has grown an impressive 38.3 percent year-over-year. There are a […]